Stage - Runways, Special Events, Weddings and more

We provide both Bill Jax and Signature platforms. Our platforms can be arranged to accommodate any size stage.


Corporate Events, Gala's, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Awards Programs, etc.

We complete the stage with your preferred choice of carpet, or your choice of flooring. All of our stage steps are custom built to customer's specifications.

We do not use standard hotel platforms or steps. 

We can assemble the stage in various forms such as Standard, Triangular, Round along with custom steps to wrap around the stage. 



Introducing 'Spotlight Dias'

Our newest custom built stage design.

This stage is a round 12 ft in diameter, portable and fully customizable in background choices, colors, lighting, podiums, seating or other special decor accents. Best of all, this stage rotates and can be displayed in various concepts. If you are hosting a webcast, this is your option to present a professional setting. 



 portable stage                                   round stage

Rotating Round Stage